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Created inwe believe in crafting unforgettable, life-changing educational adventures that go beyond our students' expectations. Every year about 6, study abroad students choose IES Abroad for their authentic study and intern abroad experience.

With this network, we develop authentic global education and life-affirming cultural experiences. We believe that studying abroad should be a part of every student's academic life, and we aim to not only provide study abroad opportunities, but to consistently maintain a friendly, fun, and safe academic and cultural environment.

We are proud that our students are as diverse and exciting as the countries we study. Through IES Internships, we offer a variety of full-time semester and summer internships in 15 locations around the world. For more than 40 years, we've provided opportunities to intern in some of the world's most exciting cities. How will study abroad redefine you? We can't wait to find out.

Many travelers who visit Granada insist it's the must-see city in all of Spain. As the European Union continues to grow in size and An urban adventure awaits you in London, one of the largest and most fascinating cities in Europe. Our program offers you hands-on education in this iconic city—think: Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace— I loved every part of it- from exploring a vibrant city rich with culture, a The only words to describe the experience was life changing.

Incredible staff, interesting course topics, and an even better host family. Adjusting is a little challenging but so so worth it. From improving my Spanish to exploring the Catalan culture, my experience at IES Barcelona was nothing short of amazing. IES made it easy for students like myself to explore the city as well as oth By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. Read our Cookie Policy for details. Choose Experience. Online Programs. IES Abroad. Visit Website.

Contact Provider. View All Programs. Leave a Review.Study within your major or minor, intern in your prospective career field, or immerse in culture and language with CIS Abroad. CIS Abroad provides innovative education programs that broaden academic perspectives, promote global awareness, and encourage personal development while laying the foundation for program participants to become engaged global citizens.

Founded inCIS Abroad has sent more than 15, participants abroad. From the moment you reach out with an interest, our work with you begins. We rely on our reliable support services to ensure you have all the correct information at all stages, with a devoted staff at your side every step of the way.

Become engaged with your new neighborhood through numerous service learning This postcard-perfect city is a magnet for students who want to live in a thrilling, whimsical city near some of the most splendid beach At the Yes, the London, with its double-decker buses, stacked museums, enormous Parliament building, jolly pubs, and traditional afternoon tea As you might gather from the name, the Gold Coast is truly spectacular.

researchgate review book study abroad courses

Spend a semester soaking it in as you study abroad at Bond University in Queensland, Australia. This highly ranked and modern universit Studying abroad with CIS was one of the best decisions I made.

There are a lot of other program providers that are in Prague, but CIS is the most affordable and does so much for you! Zach was my pr During my four months in Cusco, Peru, I was able to gain experiences and memories I never thought possible. I studied abroad with CISabroad as my program, and the support I received was amazing.

It was an incredible experience and I loved it so much that I am hoping to go back for graduate school. Some of the p By using our site you agree to our use of cookies. Read our Cookie Policy for details.

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Overall Rating. Intern Abroad. Study Abroad. Amy Richardson, Program: Semester in Prague - University of Economics. Read Full Review. Semester in Peru During my four months in Cusco, Peru, I was able to gain experiences and memories I never thought possible. Program: Semester in Limerick - University of Limerick.

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View All Reviews. Read Interviews. Articles By Provider. Media Gallery.Are you feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of programs to choose from when deciding how to study, volunteer, intern, or teach abroad? Did you already start your research by using our Online Advisor's free expert program matching advicebut still want to dig a little deeper? Deciding to travel abroad in a meaningful way is only half the battle.

Now comes the potentially daunting task of picking a program from the thousands of options. Unlock contests, bookmark programs, compare options side-by-side, access up-to-date program information, get inspired, and more. Do you have programs listed on GoAbroad?

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I understand that MyGoAbroad will use the information collected to provide me with a MyGoAbroad account, as well as updates and marketing via email and customized online advertising.

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Furthermore, I verify that I am 16 years of age or older and do not need parental consent. By submitting this form, I agree to GoAbroad. Sign up using Facebook.If any SCH or quarter hours total. For example, a total of 2. If any SCH hours or quarter hours total. These must appear as credit received e.

Candidates may submit accounting courses stated as such e. In addition, we will accept only 6 semester credit hours toward the accounting hour requirement.

Some keywords in course titles are interchangeable. For example, The Ohio State University has some accounting courses listed as business courses. MKTG has. These course hours may be stand-alone using an unrelated keyword in the title e. Or, they may be integrated into other courses e. PHIL has 1. Listed below are examples of BC and BE course descriptions at various Illinois institutions and are listed for that purpose only.

researchgate review book study abroad courses

Internship credits are limited to a maximum of three 3 SCH towards accounting requirements as well as a maximum of three 3 SCH for business requirements. Any additional hours will be reviewed for approval towards the required total hours. Candidates may submit study abroad courses for review. This must appear as credit received e. The information provided below regarding the educational requirements for Illinois CPA exam candidates is intended to provide general guidance only.

This information is NOT intended as a means for evaluating your own coursework. Q: What is the difference between quarter hours and semester credit hours SCH?

A: Quarter hours are awarded by institutions whose school year is divided into quarters fall, winter, spring, and summer. Semester credit hours SCH are awarded by institutions whose school year is divided into three semesters fall, spring, and summer.

A: Unfortunately, we cannot accept these because they are not equivalent according to the U.Once respected, now in decline. If you're lucky you'll get a halfway decent tutor but roll the dice for incompetent, disinterested or supercilious. Random grading decisions and don't waste your time appealing, they never budge.

The choice of courses has shrunk and the quality has degraded. Not recommended at all. In my three years studying with them, I have always found not only a very well structure and guided approach but, also a supportive atmosphere where is easy to navigate through the modules and receive help when needed.

If the person is willing to study that's the best place for it, as it allows you to keep developing yourself professionally at the same time. I studied M. A History with the OU and it was a huge disappointment. I quit halfway through the two part course. I had studied previously with the OU in and it was a great experience, interesting, sociable regular tutor group meet ups and multimedia tv programmes etc.

This time it was almost entirely on line. The course materials consisted of two binders containing hundreds of pages of dull, uninspiring, printed text. I had to buy all the required text books myself.

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The final piece of work the EMA was a very complex and exacting piece of work which I found impossible without any face to face supervision. A LOT of money for me.

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On the plus side my tutor was as helpful as she could be. When I quit she admitted that students were being short changed on the course. What used to be a very good uni has been ruined by greed.

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Higher fees every year yet reduced standards of education and now no books whatsoever!With 67 study centers in 45 countries and more than study abroad programs that serve over 10, students from U. The Open Campus program was launched inoffering students an affordable opportunity to study in various locations throughout Europe in a single semester, and its dominant presence in supporting U. S J-1 Visa programs allows over 30, international students to study in U.

S exchange programs.

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In addition to study abroad opportunities, CIEE also offers teach abroad positions and international faculty training sessions. Do Berlin on your own terms by customizing your experience through the Open Campus program.

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Take one, two, or three six-week blocks, select your academic track from six options, then choose your courses from Take your advanced Spanish language skills to the next level while studying across a range of academic areas at CIEE Seville and our partner schools, Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad Pablo de Olavide The Eternal City beckons those whose passion for food, art, cultural, and history is inexhaustible.

Take one, This program was amazing! The staff and faculty are always willing to help with anything. Whether it's about your internship placement or advice for fun adventures in the city, the staff is there f Studying Abroad is beneficial to societal growth, and one's own personal and professional growth. CIEE aids people in doing such, as well as working with you for any complications or things you nee CIEE made everything very clear to me, from billing to program requirements to itineraries once I arrived to my study abroad destination.

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researchgate review book study abroad courses

Read our Cookie Policy for details. Choose Experience. Online Programs. View All Programs. Leave a Review. Overall Rating. Intern Abroad. Study Abroad. High School. Berlin for the win!

Read Full Review.

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Studying Abroad is beneficial to societal, personal and professional growth Studying Abroad is beneficial to societal growth, and one's own personal and professional growth. CIEE Seville staff were incredibly welcoming CIEE made everything very clear to me, from billing to program requirements to itineraries once I arrived to my study abroad destination. View All Reviews.

Read Interviews. Articles By Provider. Media Gallery.An essential part of studying abroad is for you to experience the local culture and traditions of your host country.

We'll take you on various cultural nights out in the city and day tours across the island! Music, theatre and comedy shows; national parks and heritage sites; hiking and cycling trips; castle, cave and factory tours! We're also known to throw a party or two during the trimester i. This series of activities and excursions are completely FREE to attend and we encourage you to sign up to as many as you wish!

At the beginning of term we'll send you a calendar of events which you can sign up for at any time during the trimester. Check out what we got up to last term! My semester in Ireland as a chemical engineering student has been filled with new faces, new classes, and new experiences. As I look back at the semester, I remember all the times spent studying, laughing, and enjoying myself with friends.

UCD does a great job of integrating academics with fun extracurricular activities for its students, like having Yoga and Pilates classes, but also having events like Mario Kart Tournaments.

Not only does UCD provide fun activities, but the staff are also so helpful! Go to the UCD Course finder page 2. This will give you the list of available applications for study abroad courses.

Alternatively you can search the desired course code directly in Course Finder. Click the blue 'Apply' button for the preferred course. Create an account on the application portal.

Once you have been offered a place on a Study Abroad Programme, you will be directed by your Study Abroad Programme Manager regarding the module course registration process. Programme Managers will correspond directly with students regarding their module preferences. Students can take up to four core modules and up to two elective modules from other academic programmes across the University subject to capacity and timetabling.

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all module choices have the approval of their home institution for credit transfer. Your home institution decides on credits to be awarded for modules completed at UCD. We will be pleased to provide full information on our modules to enable institutions to make decisions regarding the transfer of credits. At the end of the semester, UCD sends an official transcript to the home institution.

Transcripts will be issued directly to the Sending Agency or Home University. For Direct Enrolment students your transcript will be issued to your permanent home address. Fall Semester: Transcripts will be issued by early March. Summer Semester: Transcripts will be issued by early September.

Please see here for further details about accommodation. Study Abroad. Study Abroad at UCD. What Can I Study? Agriculture, Food and Nutrition.

researchgate review book study abroad courses

Pre-Physical Therapy. Social Sciences.

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